Portugal Job Seeker Visa: Documents: National Visas Portugal 2024

Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2024

Portugal Job Seeker Visa From Outside Portugal

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Are you considering changing careers in Portugal? The Portugal Work Visa serves as your means of realizing your aspiration. Imagine yourself exploring Lisbon’s ancient alleys or taking in Porto’s seaside atmosphere while actively seeking your next career move.

With this visa, you can enter and remain in Portugal for a predetermined amount of time, allowing you to freely look for work in a country renowned for its welcoming culture and booming employment market. Meanwhile, discovering a job is not the only goal; you should also fully engage in the dynamic Portuguese way of life, where work and life coexist.

The Portugal Job Seeker Visa is your ticket to a world of opportunity if you’re prepared for a professional journey among gorgeous scenery and hospitable communities. That next big job move could be just a visa away! The Portugal Job Seeker Visa opens doors to thrilling professional chances, so we have opened our doors to exciting information. In the meantime, it would be great if we could get started with our post without wasting any minute or so here!

What Is a Portugal Job Seeker Visa?

For the past few years, Portugal has been facing a shortage of workers because of its population and many other factors, which is why Portuguese citizens are not applying for jobs. So, in 2022, Portugal started this job seeker visa for people looking for jobs. With further advancements in this visa, people can come to Portugal without taking on any job offers. You can come on this visa and search for your desired job by legally staying in the country.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa: Documents: National Visas Portugal 2024

As far as the stay is concerned, the stay limit under this visa is 120 days, which means that you need to find a job in this allocated time frame, which is quite good. Meanwhile, you can apply for a work visa or residence permit with a job seeker visa in Portugal.

On top of everything, you can apply for an extension if you can’t find a job in 4 months. The extension time frame is 60 days in total. But this extension is a one-time deal, so you are strictly required to start your work in a total of 6 months.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for a Portugal Job Seeker Visa?

1. Non-EU National

First, you should be a non-EU national, as this Estonia job seeker visa is made to attract people from outside to come and work in Portugal. European Union citizens are therefore ineligible. Still, EU citizens are free to travel to any member state for employment, study, or residence for an unlimited period.

2. Enough Money 

Candidates must have sufficient funds to meet their living expenses and care for themselves while searching for a job in Portugal. This implies that candidates must demonstrate that they have earned at least Portugal’s minimum monthly pay for at least three months.

3. Not a History of Crimes 

When verifying criminal records and providing entry, your chances of being granted a visa are extremely low if you have ever been convicted of a crime or committed one. So, ensure you are not involved in any crime or offensive matter.

4. A Valid Current Passport

Your passport must be functional while you apply for this visa. It must remain valid for at least three months following the visa expiration, which you requested.

Required Documentations to Apply for a Portugal Job Seeker Visa Worlwide? 

To apply for the Portugal job seeker visa application form, you are required to have the following documentation:

  1. Passport: Verify that your passport or travel document is valid for a minimum of three months following the expiration of your visa.
  2. Application Form for a Visa: After completing the form, sign it. They don’t accept forms that aren’t signed. The form is available on the website of the Portuguese consulate in the nation from which you are submitting your application.
  3. Passport Biodata Page: A copy of the passport page, including your personal information, is also required. 
  4. Passport photo: Verify that the most recent passport photo satisfies the requirements set forth by the Portuguese consulate.
  5. Criminal History Certificate: Provide a current certificate issued within the last year by the appropriate government body in your nation.
  6. Proof of Legal Status: If you are applying from a non-citizen country, you must present documentation proving your residency or legal status, such as a green card.
  7. AIMA Consent Form: Complete this form, available on the official Portuguese website, to permit AIMA (Agency for Migration and Asylum Integration) to perform a background investigation of your criminal record inside Portugal.
  8. Flight or Travel Itinerary: Provide documentation of flights you have scheduled to and from Portugal and a plan to depart when your visa expires.
  9. Travel Insurance Certificate: Present a current certificate demonstrating a minimum of €30,000 in coverage.
  10. Approved IEFP Form: Attach a copy of the IEFP-issued form.
  11. Bank statement: Display a bank statement showing a minimum amount of €2,460 to pay for three months of living expenditures according to a minimum €820 of monthly salary in 2024.
  12. Proof of Responsibility letter by Portuguese Person: If you lack sufficient funds or may have issues finding accommodation, you may request a letter of responsibility from Portuguese friends or relatives.
  13. Covering Letter: Compose a letter outlining your goals for employment in Portugal.
  14. CV/Resume: Please attach a copy of your CV or resume.
  15. Accommodation Proof: Present official documentation, such as a hotel reservation, an Airbnb/booking reservation, or a leasing agreement, attesting to your intended lodging.
Portugal Job Seeker Visa Requirements 2024

How do you apply for a Portugal Job Seeker Visa for 2024? 

Whether you are applying for a job seeker visa in Portugal, applying online, or through any agency, here is what the whole procedure looks like.

Portugal Job  Seeker Visa 2024 Procedure
  1. Join IEFP by visiting their website, obtaining a form, and providing information about yourself and the work you seek.
  2. You will receive an email from IEFP if your application is approved. This does not, however, imply that you can now enter Portugal. All it does is let you carry on with the visa application procedure.
  3. Visit any visa application website of the Portuguese consulate in your country. Get all the paperwork you’ll need ready.
  4. Select the type of visa for job seekers, complete the application, and send it in.
  5. Recall that online completion is not permitted for this sort of visa. Make an appointment so you may turn in your supporting documentation.
  6. To submit all your documents, go to a Portuguese embassy or consultant. You will be able to schedule an interview as a result.
  7. Arrive early for the interview and ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.
  8. Lastly, if everything goes as planned, you will get a job seeker visa for Portugal. You are now prepared to start looking for work in Portugal!
How to apply Job Seeker Visa Portugal 2024

What to Do If Your Portugal Job Seeker Visa Gets Rejected? 

Talking about the rejections, I would like you to take a seat at the back because, for Portugal visas, you don’t face many rejections. But if you do, you will not receive your payment back if your visa application is denied. They will only write you a letter outlining their decision to decline. So, in that case, you can either try again or present your argument.

In addition, the letter will explain how to argue if you decide to do so. But that argument is only compelling if you can prove they were mistaken. You can provide your counterargument to the Portuguese Embassy by the deadline specified in the denial letter.

Meanwhile, reapplying if you cannot locate sufficient evidence promptly is probably best. Restart, double-check everything is in order, address any issues that led to the rejection, and include all the information required in your new application.


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