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As well known, Portugal has drawn interest from both immigrants and visitors due to its up-to-date lifestyle, accessibility, superior healthcare and educational systems, and many other factors. Portugal consistently scores highly on life quality indices. Portugal generally draws in immigrants seeking a new home due to its stunning natural surroundings, vibrant culture, high standard of life, and safety. Everyone can find something to like in Portugal. 

Houses for Rent in Portugal in 2024 Liabon Porto Algarve

Nevertheless, living expenses are generally less expensive here than they are elsewhere. Because of its stable political climate, low crime rate, excellent healthcare system, and other advantages, it is a popular destination for families and seniors looking for security and peace of mind. 

The need for long-term rentals has increased recently because of the increased student and tourist ratio, which has been trying to settle in Portugal for a considerable time. Now, let’s look at a proper guide on this topic and how we can help you with a long-term rental in Portugal. So, it’s better to start without any further delay! 

Why should You Go for a Rental in Portugal? 

Starting with this, securing a long-term rental agreement is the most challenging aspect of getting a visa. You need to know whether or when your visa will be approved to be encouraged to sign a 12-month lease. It is a risky move that could result in a significant loss if something goes wrong. 

Regarding rentals, a few types include beach houses, which are perfect for people looking for a coastal lifestyle because they provide a calm setting and easy access to the water. Vacation homes may be the second choice. Holiday houses are for visitors and offer a cosy place to stay temporarily. They are made for brief visits. Additionally, residences in city centres provide easy access to services, cultural events, and a bustling urban lifestyle.

Portugal is renowned for having a rental market that is comparatively more affordable than that of other European nations, particularly in smaller towns and cities that are smaller than Lisbon or Porto. Portugal offers a carefree, easygoing lifestyle that prioritizes work-life harmony. 

As a result, residents can enjoy their free time fully. Portugal has stunning beaches, a rugged coastline, contemporary cities, and fantastic weather. I have always liked Portugal, even though I have been there several times. It is one of the least respected countries in Europe, receiving a considerable portion of the tourists that visit its neighbors.

Factors to Consider for the Cheapest Houses for Rent in Portugal


Out of Portugal’s big cities such as Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, I believe Algarve is one of the best options for you because of numerous things. The Algarve is a large region with many distinct cities and villages, about 150 kilometers wide. There are popular tourist destinations like Albufeira and sleepy little towns like Faro. Olhao and Albufeira are popular surfing locations like Sagres and Aljezur and verdant and hilly regions like Monchique.


Off-season rentals offer not just a plethora of summer vacation homes to choose from, but finding long-term rentals in the fall, winter, and spring is also far more straightforward than in the summer. Many people would instead take the chance of renting out a house during the tourist season in February or March rather than finding a long-term tenant if it is empty during that time of year. They will be more willing to accept a long-term lease throughout the winter.


While public transportation is an option for getting around the city, owning a car is highly advised. It isn’t easy to survive in the city without one, despite the belief held by many.  However, many public transportation options exist in many areas, and buses and trains help. 

Type of House 

Concerning this, you must consider whether you would prefer a furnished or unfurnished property, considering the furniture and items already there that will probably make it easy for you. Either way, it’s your choice to buy it yourself or not! 


Bills and Utilities

Make it clear which utilities are your responsibility and which are covered by the rent. To correctly manage your money, be aware of how bills are handled.

Heating and Insulation

For your rental, you must examine the insulation on the property, especially if it is an older structure. In the winter, some locations can need more heating solutions than others. 

Property Type

You must choose the property that best suits your lifestyle- a home, apartment, or shared space. You must examine the features, size, and layout to ensure it satisfies your needs.

Conditions of Lease

Examine the lease agreement in its entirety, taking note of the terms of renewal, the length of the rental period, and the requirements for ending the lease. Recognize the obligations and guidelines stated in the contract.

Step-By-Step Guide on Getting a Long-Term Rental in Portugal 

Step 01

Expressing your interest in a property as soon as you locate one you like is advised because the rental market can be fierce, especially when you go for a house for rent in Lisbon. 

Step 02

The lease must be signed, and to do so, you will require identification documentation and a tax number, often known as a Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF). Each tenant renting with another must present their supporting paperwork and a Portuguese fiscal number. 

Step 03

A bank statement, tax return, or evidence of work will also be required.

Step 04

If a student is unemployed, they may require a parent or guardian to furnish these records.

If the tenant breaches the lease, the landlord may ask for a fiador, or guarantor, to guarantee rent payment.

Step 05

Lastly, you must pay an advance rent for one to three months after signing the lease.

What Should You Consider for Portugal Housing? 

Considering Portuguese housing, there are a few things that you must see to avoid any inconvenience in the future. That includes the following: 

  • Unless you cannot inspect the property, only make payments after signing a written contract and making a payment. For both parties, this guarantees clarity and protection.
  • When you arrive, snap pictures of the property if the landlord does not provide one.
  • Having these pictures on file can be helpful if there are any disagreements about the state of the property.
  • Verify the specifics of any costs mentioned in the lease with your landlord. It is best to ensure clarity and details upfront to prevent confusion during the tenancy.
  • For information on smoking and pet rules, see the rental agreement.
  • Request a tour of the apartment’s key features from the landlord, including the location of the fuse box and any other unique characteristics.
  • Record or snap photos of each meter when you move in (gas, electricity, and water) if necessary.
  • Resolve any problems or concerns with the property immediately and advise the landlord of any required maintenance or repairs.

How Do You Make the Process Easy for Yourself? – Rentals Lagos Portugal

Finding a place to live is one of the first problems you must face when considering immigration to Portugal. Our topic today is focused on long-term apartment rentals, which continue to be the most popular choice for many immigrants. This section will highlight the top resources and websites to check out according to how long you’re looking for a place to live, a few weeks or several years.

Find a House Through an Agent

Working with a real estate agent in Portugal to identify locations and properties to rent can be helpful when looking for a rental property. A large selection of rental property listings, including public and exclusive possibilities, are available to real estate brokers. 

They can save you time and effort during the search process by offering you a wide variety of houses that fit your requirements. A real estate agent can help you cross the language barrier if you need to speak Portuguese better. Conversely, seasoned real estate brokers are adept negotiators. They may speak up for you and ensure you get the finest terms for the rental.

Finding a House Directly from an Owner

Negotiating and direct communication are possible when working directly with the property owner. It offers the chance to review rental conditions, clarify particular needs or preferences, and slightly alter the lease agreement. When negotiating lease terms, such as the monthly rent amount, the duration of the lease or rent, or any particular circumstances, renting directly from the owner could provide you greater negotiation power.

Get Your Bank Account and NIF and NISS Number 

Upon arriving in Portugal, a number is required for various routine operations: having your bank account and NIF is essential for all transactions. It’s crucial to remember that every bank has different policies and procedures. But talking about that, we can put you in touch with banks and their attentive account managers, who will be able to meet your needs. 

We care for all your administrative and technical aspects, including having documents certified by a Portuguese attorney. We have efficient online services enabling non-residents to conveniently get their tax number (NIF) online without leaving their couches. Fortunately, we have grown immensely over the last few years. So, why take the stress, register with us, and get your NIF number online within three to seven working days?

Frequently Asked Questions 

A leasing arrangement lasting a year or more is commonly regarded as a long-term rental in Portugal. For residential properties, this is the typical rental duration; however, some landlords may provide longer lease terms for greater security.

In Portugal, renting a home is typically less complicated than owning one. Not only does it require less paperwork, but it can be paid for without taking out a mortgage. 

Yes, but to sign the contract and be eligible to rent a property in Portugal, you must meet certain conditions, including holding a Tax Identification Number (NIF).

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