Procedure of Citizenship in Portugal 2024

Have you ever wondered why more individuals are opting to become Portuguese citizens? Portugal has much more to offer as a citizenship destination than just its stunning scenery and lively culture. Portugal’s advantageous residency and citizenship rules are why people seek Portuguese citizenship. 

Citizenship in Portugal | Requirements and Procedure

Thanks to its sophisticated infrastructure and well-connected transportation networks, Portugal provides easy access to markets in Africa, South America, and other European nations and markets. Portugal is already a popular choice for people looking for a new area. But what about Portugal draws explicitly tourists from all over the world?

This article will examine the factors that have led to Portugal becoming a popular citizenship option, providing a thorough analysis of the advantages. Most importantly, you must know how to get citizenship in this stunning country. 

Citizenship of Portugal

Portugal is a well-liked option because of its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, pleasant climate, and excellent standard of living in Portugal. Another option for permanent residency in Portugal is citizenship. Portugal is known for its superb standard of living, which is in contrast to its economic advantages. Portugal has a laid-back attitude, fantastic food, and a temperate environment, making it a popular destination for travelers of all ages.

Furthermore, Portugal offers a broad selection of cities and areas that can accommodate a variety of interests and preferences, be it a dynamic urban lifestyle or a tranquil retirement.

Portuguese Passport New Law in 2024

Furthermore, Portugal’s schooling and healthcare systems are well-regarded, offering citizens access to top-notch medical treatment and chances for personal and family education. The nation also has social solid cohesiveness and togetherness, with hospitable citizens who warmly welcome visitors.

Portuguese nationals are granted entry to 173 countries without a visa upon arrival. But the point is how to get citizenship, so it’s better to discuss the ways and the procedure below! 

5 Ways to Get the Citizenship of Portugal

According to the Portuguese nationality legislation, there are various ways to become a Portuguese citizen. Here is the breakdown of 5 ways, and you can choose the one that suits you best. That includes: 

  1. Citizenship by naturalization
  2. Citizenship by descent
  3. Citizenship by birth
  4. Citizenship by marriage
  5. Citizenship by Sephardic Jewish Ancestry

Portugal Citizenship by Naturalization

Portugal has the quickest naturalization process in the EU, taking only five years. Additionally, you might be able to seek nationality by naturalization if you are not descended from or can acquire Portuguese citizenship by birth. Those not citizens of the European Union who wish to become Portuguese must apply for a Portuguese residency permit and keep it for five years to be granted citizenship. You can apply to become a citizen after establishing legal residency in Portugal for five years. And lastly, proving your legal residency is of the utmost importance in this case. 

Portugal Citizenship by Naturalization

Portugal Citizenship by Descent

The quickest and least expensive way to become a Portuguese citizen is through obtaining Portuguese citizenship by descent. You can be eligible to obtain Portuguese citizenship by descent if your parents or grandparents are Portuguese. A few processes involve applying for Portuguese citizenship by descent, such as proving that you are descended from Portuguese parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents.

Moreover, To complete the citizenship process, you must present proof of birth, marriage certifications, and any other documentation that the authorities (IRN Portugal) think appropriate.

What Do You Need to Apply for Descent Citizenship? 

  • A representative of the Portuguese consulate signed the application.
  • A certified duplicate of your birth certificate.
  • A duplicate passport or other legitimate picture ID.
  • Any pertinent marriage certificate.
  • Copies of each parent’s birth certificates.
  • The Portuguese grandparent’s birth certificate.
  • The birth certificate of the parent is the child of the Portuguese grandparents.
  • Proof of language proficiency and your criminal record certificate.

Portugal Citizenship by Birth

If at least one parent has lived in Portugal for a year, then a person born in Portugal to foreign parents can get Portuguese citizenship. Nonetheless, citizenship can be applied for by someone other than those born in Portugal to Portuguese parents. It will come to them naturally. 

What Do You Need to Apply for Birth Citizenship?  

  • The applicant has to get copies of both their birth certificate and the Portuguese national parent’s birth certificate.
  • Portuguese nationality certificate from the Portuguese consulate in their own countries. 
  • Upon obtaining the Portuguese nationality certificate, the candidate may proceed with the Portuguese citizenship application. 

Portugal Citizenship by Marriage

It is possible for foreigners who marry someone who holds a Portuguese passport or nationality to become citizens of Portugal. But only the ones who have been married for three years. In addition to applying for citizenship, you must prove how long you have been married or in a partnership. Also, your adoption led you to reside in Portugal for those three years.

Furthermore, To be eligible for citizenship, you must demonstrate how strongly you are connected to Portugal. You can also choose this route because the nation accepts solid, long-term partnerships, commonly called de facto unions.

What Do You Need to Apply for Marriage Citizenship? 

  • The foreign spouse must have spent at least three years living in Portugal. 
  • The foreign spouse needs to prove that they know the basics of Portuguese. 
  • Mastery of Portuguese society and customs through completing a civics knowledge test.
  • A Portuguese language and culture certificate from an institution of Portuguese language study.

Portugal citizenship for Sephardic Jewish Ancestry

Sephardic Jewish ancestry offers a unique route to Portuguese citizenship, albeit the requirements are very particular. You must go back far enough in your family tree to demonstrate your Sephardic Jewish ancestry to use this method to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Similarly, inhabitants of former Portuguese colonies who have lived in Portugal for an extended period may continue to have their citizenship.

What Do You Need to Apply for Sephardic Jewish Ancestry? 

  • Evidence of a person’s residence or place of business in Portugal (through mortis causa or not)
  • You have spent your entire life visiting Portugal regularly.

Benefits of Getting Citizenship in Portugal 

1. High-Quality Medical Care and Education

Obtaining Portuguese citizenship gives one access to Portugal’s highly regarded social security system, which is well-known for its extensive healthcare and high-quality educational offerings. Furthermore, Portuguese citizens are eligible for government-sponsored healthcare programs and free tuition at prestigious universities.

2. Dual Citizenship

Regarding dual citizenship, Portuguese nationality law is accommodative, permitting people to possess both Portuguese and foreign citizenship. This implies that you can now keep your original citizenship also with you. Because of this legislation, Portugal is now an even more alluring alternative for people thinking about gaining citizenship abroad because it allows one to keep their ties to their original country intact while enjoying the privileges of Portuguese citizenship.

3. Strong Passport

Portugal’s passport is ranked fourth on the Nomad Passport Index because of its broad acceptance, tax-friendliness, dual citizenship policy, and freedom of movement. Portugal passport holders have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries, which makes it a great addition to your passport collection.

4. Become a Member of the EU

Getting Portuguese citizenship entitles you to EU citizenship as well. As a Portuguese national, you are granted entry to 188 countries worldwide without a visa. You have unrestricted access to live, get your education, and work anywhere in the EU as a citizen.

5. No Work Permit Required

A Portuguese passport ensures lifetime career opportunities, whether full- or part-time, without requiring further work permits.

What Are the Requirements for Portuguese Citizenship? 

To get Portuguese citizenship, you must see which way suits you best and have your essential documents ready to attach to the application. For further documentation and test information, keep on reading: 

1. Acquire Residency Permit

  • You need to have been a legal resident of Portugal for at least five years to be qualified for citizenship and permanent residency. 
  • You need to have held a Portugal residency permit for the preceding three years if you’re married to someone with a Portuguese passport or have children who are Portuguese citizens.

2. Get Your Criminal Record

The most important requirement for applying for Portuguese citizenship is submitting an official document from the applicant’s native country with their criminal record check. The purpose of this document is to prove that the applicant is eligible for citizenship and has not committed any offense or participated in any acts that would exclude them from doing so. The criminal record certificate must be converted into Portuguese by a professional translator and given by the appropriate body in the applicant’s native country.  

3. Portuguese Language Test

This language exam aims to evaluate the applicant’s Portuguese language skills. To pass this test, which usually consists of written and spoken components, candidates must meet a minimal proficiency requirement. 

Who Are We, and How Can We Help You?

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, living in Portugal will make you aware of the excellent culture there. There is high-quality healthcare, education, and living conditions. Furthermore, the country is among the safest and friendliest in the world.

Due to Pakistan’s non-EEA status, travelers who want to visit Portugal for vacation or business can apply for one of two types of visas. 

Indeed, Portugal is the ideal country in Europe for obtaining multiple citizenships.

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