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Portugal has recently opened many doors for the younger generation and job seekers in various fields. Portugal’s hospitable culture, growing economic prospects, and relative immigration laws have made it a more and more popular destination for migrants worldwide. Portugal’s immigration laws are comparatively flexible, easy, and faster, facilitating travel and employment for people worldwide, especially those in CPLP and the European Union.  

Portugal’s economy has grown recently, and there are prospects in several industries, such as tourism, technology, and renewable energy. You will need to handle a few significant administrative responsibilities if you intend to relocate to Portugal and possibly obtain a Portuguese Passport.

Acquiring Portugal’s social security number, known as the Número de Identificação da Segurança Social (NISS), is one of the most crucial procedures. I have compiled complete information in different sections for you to understand better and make it work as soon as possible. So, let’s get started with it!

What is NISS Online Portugal? – Use of NISS

In Portugal, an eleven-digit Specified number starting with 120… is called Segurança Social Number or Número de Identificação Segurança Social, or NISS in short. A social security identification number, or NISS, is necessary to engage in any social or professional activity. A NISS number is required for everyone operating in Portugal, including contractors, employees, and students. However, you might not require a NISS if you aren’t planning to work or nationality.

Segurança Social (NISS)

Consequently, depending on your job situation, you may or may not require a NISS in Portugal. To put it another way, you receive a Segurança Social Number (NISS) when applying for Social Security, which enables you to access benefits like Children, Newborn Baby, Prenatal, Sick leave, Injured Worker, or Pregnant women benefits.

Lastly, for kids and teens, the NIF is required for some expenses, like health and education, that the parents may report on their Individualized Revenue Statement (IRS).

Benefits of NISS Online Portugal 

1. Access to Social Security

First and foremost, to obtain a variety of social security services in Portugal, one must first pass the widely recognized Segurança Social Department, and there is only one way to obtain the NISS number to get recognized by the Social Security Department of Portugal. This covers retirement savings, parental leave, wage subsidies, and health care services. When someone needs the benefits of the social security system, they can be sure they have a NISS.

2. Taxation and employment

Employers utilize the NISS to register their workers for income tax, social security contributions, and employment-related purposes. For everyone working in Portugal, it is an essential means of identification to make sure they are properly registered for social security and paying taxes regularly to be eligible for a Portuguese Passport after five years of legally residing in Portugal.

3. Administrative Procedures Simplified

Administrative procedures are made simpler by NISS’s online administration. Applying online allows people to speed up the enrollment process and reduce the required paperwork.

4. Promotes International Independence

Possessing a NISS can help foreign nationals integrate more easily into Portugal’s social security system. It is essential for anyone who intends to make a living and work in Portugal.

5. Preventing Identity

In addition to preventing identity theft, the NISS acts as a unique identification number, guaranteeing that each person’s social security benefits and payments are accurately linked to them.

6. European Health Insurance Card

After obtaining the NISS Portugal, you can apply for the European Insurance Card accepted all over Europe. This Insurance card covers your health incident all over the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

NISS Online Portugal

How to Get a Social Security Identification Number (NISS) in Portugal?

Tax Identification Number (NIF) is required for each foreign individual who wants to work and live in Portugal. Similarly, you are eligible to apply for a Social Security Identification Number. I am going to talk about three cases of NISS applications.

  • For Portuguese citizens  
  • For foreigners working in Portugal
  • For self-employed people

Documentation Required 

But, before that, let me highlight some of the important documents you will need in any of the cases mentioned above. These include:

  • Document (original, valid passport with Signature Page or citizen card) for EU/EEA/Switzerland or non-Eu Countries).
  • Your NIF Number assigned to you by the Portugal (Optional)
  • Proof of Address in Portugal (Junta)
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Documents like an employment contract or a firm formation Agreement (Optional)

1. For Portuguese Citizens

NISS is typically assigned to Portuguese citizens at birth. The number is on file with the registry of your birth.

2. For Foreigners Working in Portugal

  • For NISS, the first step for a foreigner planning to work in Portugal is to find a prospective employer and sign an employment contract.
  • The Portuguese social security system requires your employer to register you. They will give you the details you need to start the registration procedure. Despite this, in June 2023, the Social Security Department launched an online Portal named NISS NA HORA, where foreigners.
  • Once your employer has finished the initial registration, you must physically attend the local Social Security office, Loja do Cidadão or Centro Distrital da Segurança Social.
  • Bring any identification from the social security office, including your passport and residency permit.
  • Fill out the appropriate NISS application form.
  • You will be assigned an NISS after fulfilling the prerequisites and submitting the proper paperwork. This number is required in Portugal to get social security payments and services.

3. For Self-Employed People

  • The Tax Authority (Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira) requires you to register if you work for yourself. Your social security registration will also be started with this registration.
  • Visit your local Social Security office to finish the procedure of Social Security registration after registering with the Tax Authority.
  • Bring your tax identity number NIF, any necessary documentation, and any other pertinent identifying documents with you now.
  • Next, complete the NISS application forms as required.
  • You will be given a NISS once the registration process is over.

4. Online Application Process 

  • Visit the official website of the Portuguese Social Security (Segurança Social) for online services.
  • If required, register for an online account on the website.
  • To get a NISS, follow the online instructions mentioned there. This can involve completing forms and uploading required files.
  • You can get your NISS online once the online procedure is done.

However, all three procedures above take so long that individuals become angry and upset. Thus, the only thing that arrives for you in all this is the NIF Portugal representatives, the problem solvers!

How Can NIFPORTUGAL.NET Help You With NISS (Segurança Social Portugal)? 

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Apply NISS Online Portugal (

Our knowledgeable online agent can provide step-by-step assistance with this intricate process. This can involve completing forms, comprehending the needs for documentation, and giving consumers an easy-to-follow road map.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Individuals are granted a unique number known as their Social Security Number Portugal format to trace their paid social security payments and confirm their enrollment in the Portuguese social security systems.

For that, you are required to go to your local Instituto da Segurança Social office in Portugal to obtain a Social Security Number. Bring the required paperwork, such as a passport or citizen card.

You can apply for it online using the Social Security web. This is mainly helpful for citizens of other countries or the European Union.

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